A. Rights of the Individual
Right to life
Right to liberty
Right to dignity
Right to security
Right to equality of opportunity
Right to justice
Right to privacy
Right to private ownership of property

B. Freedoms of the Individual
Freedom to participate in the political process
Freedom of worship
Freedom of thought
Freedom of conscience
Freedom of assembly
Freedom of inquiry
Freedom of expression

C. Responsibilities of the Individual
To respect human life
To respect the rights of others
To be tolerant
To be honest
To be compassionate
To demonstrate self-control
To participate in the democratic process
To respect the property of others

D. Beliefs Concerning Societal Conditions and Governmental Responsibilities
Societies need laws that are accepted by the majority of the people.
Dissenting minorities are protected.
Government is elected by the people.
Government respects and protects individual rights.
Government respects and protects individual freedoms.
Government guarantees civil liberties.
Government works for the common good.