The Democratic Nation Commitee Platform & Mission Statement:

We represent the Westtown Democratic Party of Westtown Township, Pennsylvania. Our Beliefs and Mission are congruent with that of the Democratic National Committee Platform (DNCP). We are an inclusive party that invites all of those who support our beliefs and mission. Please read our Beliefs and Mission and join us if you believe as we do.

Our Beliefs and Mission inform the foundation for all that we do. We want an America that gives all Americans the chance to live out their dreams and achieve their life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. We want an America that is still the world’s strongest force for peace and freedom. And we want an America that is coming together around our enduring values, instead of drifting apart.”.

Today’s Democratic Party is determined to renew America’s most basic bargain: Opportunity to every American, and responsibility from every American. And today’s Democratic Party is determined to reawaken the great sense of American community.

That is what today’s Democratic Party offers: both the end of the era of big government and a final rejection of the misguided call to leave our citizens to fend for themselves — and bold leadership into the future: To meet America’s challenges, protect America’s values, and fulfill American dreams. We strive to be fiscally responsible while assuring that every citizen enjoys every opportunity to succeed with security and integrity.



Believe in Equality Democrats believe all people should be able to pursue their goals to spite their religion, race, ethnic background or sexual orientation. In the sixties, Democrats fought for civil rights, but the battle is not yet over. “Today’s Democratic Party knows we must renew our efforts to stamp out discrimination and hatred of every kind, wherever and whenever we see it.” (DNC Platform)“We continue to lead the fight to end discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion, age, ethnicity, disability, and sexual orientation. The Democratic Party has always supported the Equal Rights Amendment, and we are committed to ensuring full equality for women and to vigorously enforce the Americans with Disabilities Act.” (DNC Platform)  
Advocacy for Education Democrats realize that all Americans should have the opportunity to pursue an education regardless of the economic situation they are born into. “Higher education for all Americans. Finally, we must make sure that every American has the opportunity to go to college. Higher education is the key to a successful future in the 21st century.” (DNC Platform)“Safe schools and healthy students. If young people do not have the freedom to learn in safety, they do not have the freedom to learn at all.” (DNC Platform)“Technology in the classroom. We must bring the 21st century into every classroom in America. There is a vast realm of knowledge waiting for our children to tap into. Computers are powerful tools to teach students to read better, write better, and understand math.” (DNC Platform) 
Support Freedom of Speech The right for people to express their beliefs and advocate their ideas is paramount in a democracy.  Though as unique people, we will find some ideas repugnant, but the First Amendment is vital to the free exchange of ideas and should never be violated.  
Fight for a Clean Environment A Democrat believes that the environment must be protected from those will exploit it for their own means. We are part of this ecosystem. Its destruction is our destruction.“Today’s Democratic Party believes we have a duty to preserve God’s earth and American quality of life for future generations. … The Republican budget guts environmental protection.” (DNC Platform)“Clean, abundant, and reliable energy is essential to a strong American economy. We support investment in research and development to spur domestic energy production and enhance efficiency. New technologies — natural gas, energy efficiency, renewable energy — developed in partnership with American industries and scientists are increasing productivity and creating jobs.” (DNC Platform) 
Support Technology The Democratic Party is a strong supporter of technology and keeping the United States on top. “We know investments in technology drive economic growth, generate new knowledge, create new high-wage jobs, build new industries, and improve our quality of life. In the face of Republican efforts to undermine America’s dedication to innovation, President Clinton and the Democratic Party have fought to maintain vital investments in science and technology. We remember that government investment in technology is responsible for the computer, for jet aircraft, and for the Internet — no investments have ever paid off better, in jobs, in opportunity, or in growth.” (DNC Platform) 
Use Economic  Responsibility It is economically irresponsible to push the nation into debt to support the comforts of the wealthy. “For 12 years, Republicans hid behind rosy scenarios while quadrupling the national debt. We knew this had to stop. In 1992, we promised to cut the deficit in half over four years. We did. Our 1993 economic plan cut spending by over a quarter trillion dollars in five years. The only deficit left today is interest payments on the debt run up over the 12 Republican years before fiscal responsibility returned to the White House.”  (DNC Platform) 
Use Fair Taxes Taxes should not be used to increase the gap between the very wealthy and the very poor in the United States. Giving tax breaks to the rich while unloading the weight onto the shoulders of the poor, is wrong. “Today’s Democratic Party believes that working people should not be taxed into poverty. The Republican budget raises taxes on millions of working families.” (DNC Platform)“America cannot afford to return to the era of something-for-nothing tax cuts and smoke-and-mirrors accounting that produced a decade of exploding deficits. Today’s Democratic Party is committed to targeted tax cuts that help working Americans invest in their future, and we insist that any tax cuts are completely paid for, because we are determined to balance the budget.” (DNC Platform) 
Fight for Working America  The government must protect the rights workers from exploitation. This includes making sure that employees receive a livable wage, work in a safe environment, and have an active roll in the corporation. “We honor work in America. Americans work hard, and they have a right to expect that work will pay. We want to continue reversing the trend of the eighties, so all Americans benefit from continued economic growth and rising wages.” (DNC Platform)“The Democratic Party insists that corporate leaders invest in the long-term, by providing workers with living wages and benefits, education and training, a safe, healthy place to work, and opportunities for greater involvement in company decision making and ownership.” (DNC Platform) 
Support Health Care Health care is an essential part of life and well-being. This is not a right only reserved for the content in society, but for each and every American. “The Democratic Party is committed to ensuring that Americans have access to affordable, high-quality health care.” (DNC Platform) 
Support a Women’s Right to Choose  The Woman’s Right to Choose is fundamental to equality between the sexes. No one or no government agency should interfere with reproductive rights. “The Democratic Party stands behind the right of every woman to choose, consistent with Roe v. Wade, and regardless of ability to pay.” (DNC Platform)“We believe it is a fundamental constitutional liberty that individual Americans — not government — can best take responsibility for making the most difficult and intensely personal decisions regarding reproduction.” (DNC Platform) 
Separation of
Church & State 
The government should not endorse or favor any religion above another. To do so, isolates and intimidate those who follow a faith other than that of the majority. The First Amendment guarentees all Americans the freedom of religion, and, consequently, the freedom from religion. As a result, the government cannot use public funds or public institutions to advocate or display the religious beliefs of any particular faith. 
Support Multi-Culturalism  All cultures are inherently equal and unique. People should be able practice their traditions and feel pride in their background. Each culture, in turn, adds diversity to America. “We believe everyone in America should learn English so they can fully share in our daily life, but we strongly oppose divisive efforts like English-only legislation, designed to erect barriers between us and force people away from the culture and heritage of which they are rightly proud.” (DNC Platform) 
Support Real Campaign Finance Reform  A democracy can only function if the will of the people is observed. Unfortunately, special interest groups have enormous influence through the hard money they provide. “Today’s Democratic Party knows we have a responsibility to make our democracy work better for America, by limiting the influence of special interests and expanding the influence of the American people. Special interests have too much power in the halls of government. They often operate in secret and have special privileges ordinary Americans do not even know exist. Elections have become so expensive that big money can sometimes drown out the voices of ordinary voters — who should always speak the loudest.” (DNC Platform)