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Democrats view themselves as liberal and progressive. Until recently, this ideology has defined our objectives and long-term view of change. Unfortunately, Democrats have narrowed their ideology and passions to “winning” in the latest election cycle. Perhaps this shift has compromised the very values and policies (long term) that have defined us. As we become less liberal and progressive (in order to win elections) we take the risk of alienating our base and offering a viable alternative to the American people to the more extreme fringes of the Republican party. An excellent essay of this issue is in the issue (March, 2014) of Harper’s Magazine, entitled “Nothing Left: The long, slow surrender of American Liberals” by Adolph Reed Jr. I would greatly value your opinion of this insightful work.
Wally Kahn, Precinct #3, Westtown Township.

“The Republican party…is an insurgent outlier. It has become ideologically extreme; contemptuous of the inherent social and economic policy regime; scornful of compromise; unpersuaded by conventional understanding of facts, evidence, and science; and dismissive of the legitimacy of the political opposition, all but declaring war on the government. “Mann, T & Ornstein, N. It’s Even Worse Than It Looks 2012.”


Please link to this article from Paul Krugman about the “wisdom” of Paul Ryan.


Here’s another article to post.  It concerns the Republican party’s attitude toward the “working class”.
Are the 1% really job creators??? Here is a link to an op-ed in the Washington Post that seeks to answer that question.