Dear local Democrats, progressives, and others interested:


Campaigns are in full swing.  Please support candidates of your choice at their events, below, help their campaigns if you can, and make arrangements to help at the polls  on election day, November 4.


It is critical that Dem committeepersons IN EVERY PRECINCT have enough volunteers to talk with voters standing in the expected lines at the polls and to explain, among other things, which party brought them the complicated voter ID rules responsible for lengthening those very lines.

Please see the Chester County Democratic Committee web-site for all democratic event dates and locations.
If you don’t know who your committeeperson is, contact the CCDC office, 610-692-5811.


1) Here are, from the Chester County Dem calendar at http://chescodems.org, events organized by the Chester County Democratic Committee, its zones, Dem campaigns, Dem elected officials, and Dem-related groups, or otherwise of clear interest to Democrats.  If you know of events that should be added, please let me know.  Before attending events, please check for updates and further details in the calendar at the top of the screen at http://chescodems.org.