Absentee Ballots

If travel plans or other uncertainty makes you in any way doubt that you’ll be able to vote, plan ahead prudently and request an absentee ballot.  Here is a direct link to the absentee ballot request form.


Don’t give up your opportunity to vote!

Absentee voting is accomplished through a 2-step process:

  1. You apply to receive an absentee ballot by mailing in a request form.
  2. After receiving your ballot, you then complete and mail it in.

College students are encouraged to vote by absentee ballot.

County Absentee Voting Information and Forms

If you think that there is a possibility of not being able to vote due to travel, work or caregiving, by all means apply for and file an absentee ballot. If, in the end, you are able to and want to go to the polls on election day, you may vote there. The election officials will then destroy the absentee ballot that you filed.